Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Bequeathal: Godsent novel "unashamedly smart"

The Guardian reader reviews share their love – 
Unashamedly smart
Lets face it, SF can be quite a dull read these days, but once in a while you get a gem like this. Glad to see this book strike at a lofty and squarely ambitious target - to be smart and provocative and challenging. In a way there is something bold about this book, SF no less, that does not shy away from being intelectual. There, I've said it. Intellectual. Not pretentious. Just intellectual. 
I can see the readers coming back to this book and reading it again and again and then later yet again. Also, I can see the author expanding this peek into his private universe and building on it and doing it again and again and yet again. Can't wait.

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