Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Bequeathal: Godsent in the New Year

Few updates, after a period of silence on this blog (apologies, we've been extremely busy)

+ Here is a link to books newsfeed:
And yes, The Bequeathal: Godsent is there!

Godsent sneaked on TWO Amazon's Top 100 bestseller SF lists, both in January and in February! 

+ In 2014Godsent Kindle sales reached highest ranking in January, peaking on 18th.

I also received screenshots of Amazon emails where The Bequeathal: Godsent  was promoted as a Valentine's Day gift!

Readers reviews are coming in steadily – we have some great new comments on Amazon (UK, US & France) as well as on UK's The Guardian, but also from more exotic online places such as 'Students Sell Stuff' online bookshop. 

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